This Saturday, Aug. 20!

With our upcoming show at Rocky’s Bar and Grill, this Saturday, I just wanted to point out a few things. It’s been a couple months since we played there, and I am happy to announce that we’ve got a couple new tunes in the set list! Paul, Mike, Dale (taking over for John) and I have been working the material with gusto and we’re very excited for you to hear us. In addition, we have some merchandise: we’ve got promotional CDs with two songs for a dirt cheap, like a buck or two, or if the circumstances permit we might gift you a copy, like the the guy who had the Willie Nelson shirt last Wednesday when we played at Tip Top Deluxe. ;-). But that’s not all. We’ve got download cards for each of my five-song albums (which you can find on this very page!). We’re pumped to share our music, so come hear us on Saturday and check us out online!   Thank you!  JN

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