Side Projects Released —— South America = Game On!

Hello all!

The latest side projects are out! I had the pleasure of collaborating with Joel Gilbert, Paul Jaissle, Keith Jaissle, and Bill Kahler for a fun party rock project entitled: The Family Savage. We guarantee it will make you 1,000% more thirsty for beer. Check it out here!:

Bill Kahler and Keith Jaissle were also gracious enough to help give life to another fun side project that we like to call Hazards. It’s singer-singer writer 3-piece style music. Think: a little Bruce Springsteen and Jackson Brown with a dash of Elvis Costello. Or maybe it doesn’t sound anything like that! What do we know… We’ll let you decide:

A big thanks to Matt Ten Clay at Amber Lit Audio for engineering, thanks to Michael Knorr for artwork, and thanks to Katy Batdorff for photos. You all rock!

My latest single, “Alleys of Old Lyon” is also available on my website. It was a great experience to record with many awesome musicians from the Grand Rapids music scene. If you haven’t had a listen, I urge you to have a listen!

And if you haven’t heard/noticed, it is true that I have flown the coop (Grand Rapids, MI). I’m currently taking some time to travel and find new inspiration (as I have done in years past). So far, I’ve been to Chile, and I’m currently in Argentina (just arrived today). Brazil comes next, then after that…who knows. Inspiration will abound I’m quite certain. I’ve only been on the road for little more than a week, and I must say, the creative juices are flowing.

Stay tuned for more!



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