New Releases and upcoming concert (mid-May)

Happy Spring to all!

I am happy to announce that the latest single will be released soon. For those of you who haven’t got word yet, it is titled, “The Alleys of Old Lyon.”

I am also in the process of recording and mixing two side projects, which will soon take their first breath of life:

Hazards: Featuring Bill Kahler of Valentiger and Keith Jaissle of The Campanellis.
– Hazards is a power trio that performs rock songs in the vein of Bruce Springsteen, the Kinks,
Elvis Costello, among others. It’s uptempo pop/rock that you’ll want to sing along too.

The Family Savage: Featuring Bill Kahler of Valentiger, and Keith Jaissle, Paul Jaissle and Joel Gilbert of The Campanellis.
– The Family Savage takes inspiration musical acts such as Andrew W.K., The Ramones, and Pantera
and combines it with drinking beer and the attitude of living life to the fullest. And we
heartily believe that listening to our songs will make you 1,000% more thirsty for beer.

And stay tuned for the next concert. There will be one mid-May.

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