Just Killing Time

I recorded a new, lo-fi acoustic song called “Just Killing Time.”

On a recent Saturday morning during this fine Covid-19 pandemic, I awoke, made my morning coffee, and sat down on the couch in the sun. In an effort to avoid doing stuff on my computer, I picked up my guitar to start a new song instead – I just wanted to live in the moment.

Honestly, I think we have all been killing time in some way during this pandemic, and I thought I would give writing a “pandemic” or “quarantine” song a go. In the end, the song didn’t end up being about the pandemic per se, instead it focused on what my particular dull moment. As I wrote this song, I took inspiration from elements in my immediate surroundings, and t that’s what you hear in the lyrics.

I hope you enjoy this song as you ponder your own particular Covid-19 moments. ✌️


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