End of year news & happy holidays!

Things have been a little busy, but now I’m happy to announce the following:

Mixing of my next single “Alleys of Old Lyon” is almost finished. There are just a few tweaks left before mastering.

I have a fresh new set of songs. I’ll be performing them here and there as a solo acoustic set of course, but I am also rehearsing them as a three-piece for a couple band performances.

Joel Gilbert (the Campanellis) and I have another set of songs in the works, and we’ll be having band rehearsals in the new year to bring you a fun, power pop filled fun forward set of rock tunes.

Congratulations as well to the Campanellis for the Jammie nominations. Great album fellas!

Congratulations to Dante Cope for his Jammie nominations. Thanks for having me collaborate as well.

And congrats to any and all friends/fellow musicians nominated for any categories.

Happy holidays everyone. Stay tuned in 2014!


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